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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Girls Night, 2

Last night the guys brought their A-game, and not to be outdone, the ladies threw down again tonight. Positively diva-licious!

Whether it's the numbers you need, the judges comments, or my 2 cents you're looking for, look no further! Well, just look below this little paragraph. ;)

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01 : Gina Glocksen" "
Randy: This is where you belong
Paula: 2 seasons ago, Carrie sang it, and we were really surprised then, but.. man! Really good.
Simon: Good choice of song. Vocals a bit forced at the end. I thought when we put you through that you were a little bit more edgy than this.
Carolyn: She dedicated the song to her boyfriend, Joe, who's been her rock through this process for the past 2 years. Gina's lookin' like Pat Benatar tonight... sort of a cross between Joan Jett and Pat Benatar, actually... and absolutely kickin ass vocally. Wow. I'm not a fan, but that was terrific! And.. she showed some humility tonight, which was quite refreshing from her, agreeing with Simon when he said she would never be a match vocally for some of the girls in this competition.

02 : Alaina Alexander "Not Ready to Make Nice "
: Well it started off well... It was a mess for me. All over the place.
Paula: It's a hard song to sing.
Simon: It was like Randy taking part in a 100 meter sprint. 3/4 of the way through he would run out of steam.. and so did you.
Carolyn: Sounding very good... but she just lost the red states. Gorgeous... but she didn't make it her own.. not even a little bit. On the plus side, she kinda reminded me of Jennifer Love Hewitt tonight - maybe there's a tv show in her future.

03 : Lakisha Jones "Midnight Train to Georgia "
Randy: What I love is that you flipped it up from last week. That was hot!
Paula: I loved it, and I love you.
Simon: Interesting dance at the end. You are a phenomenally good singer. Not as good as last week. You can afford to start acting like a big star, because you're going to be a big star. Didn't like the outfit.
Carolyn: I was concerned when Lakisha began her song. I mean, after last week, where did she have to go? But she worked it perfectly. She made us wait in anticipation for the big voice, and when she delivered, we couldn't have been more satisfied.

04 : Melinda Doolittle "My Funny Valentine"
Randy: We got a competition. Melinda came out to win it! That was hot!
Paula: To me that was just astounding. You phrased that song so beautifully. I applaud you.
Simon: That was incredible. Without question, the best vocal we've had on this show. You are a breath of fresh air.
Carolyn: The only woman on the show who could possibly follow LaKisha.. truly... to put anyone else in this postition would just be inhumane. Melinda is vocal perfection. She is fabulous. And she absolutely nailed it! For the love of all that is good and holy, please vote your fingers off for this woman!

05 : Antonella Barba "Because You Loved Me"
Randy: On the positive side, you're a drop dead gorgeous girl. But that song was way too big for you. I wish I could sing like Celine too...
Paula: Antonella, you made leaps and bounds from last week.
Simon: Very tough, Antonella. The problem was, most of the vocals just weren't good enough. I thought you were worst than last week.
Carolyn: This young lady has had a hell of a week. For her to have the courage to stand on this stage and sing tonight is huge. That being said, she again chose a song that was too big for her. Way too big. It was nice karaoke. Nothing more.

06 : Jordin Sparks "When Will my Reflection Show... "
Randy: That piece made you really emotional about your brother. ("yeah") I am so so impressed with where you are and the ability that you have.
Paula: There's something about you that's infectious. You're just a good good human being. I know you're gonna be around for a really long time.
Simon: It wasn't your best, but compared to a lot of other people, it was excellent.
Carolyn: She had a rough start due to the emotion of the dedication , but Jordin kept it together and followed the directions from last week - she chose a big song for her big voice. I agree with the judges on this one. She seems a terrific kid, and very, very talented. I think she'll be around for the top 12, and she deserves it.

07 : Stephanie Edwards "Dangerously in Love"
: You look hot. You sang your face off. But.. it's a little Beyonce light to me. Don't worry about copying her.
Paula: I think you were fantastic, brilliant.
Simon: I have to agree with Paula. You're not just taking part in the competition, putting your mark down. I thought it was a terrific.
Carolyn: Stephanie has "it." She has that star quality... that presence that makes you want to pay attention. From the moment she takes the stage.... Oh, and by the way, being compared to Beyonce.. not such a terrible thing.

08 : Leslie Hunt "It's a New Dawn"
Randy: It's definitely good to see you return to your jazzy scattin kind of thing. It was pitchy for me. Just a'ight.
Paula: You're being you. You're back in your element.
Simon: You've just been whacked by 3-4 big big voices before you. It was better than last week, but not many people are going to remember this performance over the others.
Carolyn: For me, it was surprisingly good... interesting... not voting for her, but good. She has a very jazz club feel to her.. small jazz club.

09 : Haley Scarnato "Queen of the Nile"
: It wasn't great for me. Vocally it just wasn't on point.
Paula: Leaps and bounds better than last week.
Simon: A for effort. No one can say you didn't give it a go. If you're gonna take on a Whitney song, you do it at your own peril, because you're always going to be compared. I'd say you're one of 3 girls in peril tonight.
Carolyn: Aaaaack! It's karaoke time - starring pre-heroin, white, sub-standard voice Whitney. Buh-bye Hayley. We hardly knew ya.

10 : Sabrina Sloan "All the Man I Need "
Randy: Nice one. Some moments when you lost touch with the pitch.
Paula: I love you. You are fantastic. You are a big contender in this competition.
Simon: I don't think you should sing Whitney. I preferred you last week. You'll be back next week.
Carolyn: Sabrina, unlike Haley, may sing all the Whitney she needs or wants.

Let the dialing begin!! Please let us know who you're voting for and how easily you're able to get through, so we can make an educated guess about tomorrow night.

She Who Should Have Been Kept

I'm not going to say a word. The Audition tape speaks for itself.

And another...

Judges Support Barba

Here's the official word from the judges, host and producer of American Idol. Truly, I find it suspect. They say they'll be leaving it in the hands of the voters, that it's her private life, that no one is clean, etc., etc., but it just doesn't ring true considering prior dismissals. By saying they're leaving it up to the voters, it's as if they are washing their hands of it, and frankly, it still leaves the door wide open for vote manipulation.

'American Idol' host and judges voice support for Antonella Barba

By Steve Rogers, 02/28/2007

Now that American Idol has decided not to disqualify Antonella Barba over the emergence of numerous provocative photos, the show's host and judges are circling the wagons in support of the sixth season semifinalist.

"These people haven't done anything illegal; that's their private life," Idol judge Simon Cowell told USA Today at a Tuesday night Playboy Mansion party to celebrate the upcoming Sunday night third season premiere of E!'s The Girls Next Door reality show. "[The photos should] not affect her standing on the show, and if the public wants to keep her in, they'll keep her in."

"Nobody's clean in the entertainment business," Idol judge Randy Jackson, who also attended the Playboy party, told USA Today. "There are definitely some moral things that go on with this show."

Although he claimed to have not yet seen the photos, Idol host Ryan Seacrest -- whose new Paradise City reality show will premiere after The Girls Next Door on Sunday night -- also voiced strong support for Barba. "[I would] absolutely let [Barba] stay on. If American Idol is a true representation of American youth, we're going to find imperfections, Seacrest told USA Today. "And it's OK to be imperfect."

According to Seacrest, the morals of the person who released the Barba photos should be the more unsettling issue. "It's just tacky, disgusting," Seacrest told the newspaper. "You've got a girl who's trying to make it on a show where she needs a vote, and someone's trying to tear that away from her."

Earlier on Tuesday, American Idol producer Nigel Lythgoe -- breaking several days of silence on Barba's fate -- had revealed that the show had decided not to disqualify from the smash-hit Fox reality competition.

"Lythgoe [told] Extra he's not kicking the Jersey girl off, her fate is in the voters' hands," Extra co-host Mark McGrath reported during the syndicated entertainment news program's Tuesday evening broadcast.

"Without question, any competition like this is part popularity contest," Lythgoe told Extra correspondent (Cowell's longtime girlfriend) Terri Seymour during an interview that was presumably taped sometime on Monday or early Tuesday.

"It won't effect anything, Antonella is about her looks and her talent and that's the only thing that will effect her journey on American Idol," Lythgoe added in a second interview broadcast on Tuesday evening's Inside Edition.

Earlier this week, Amanda Coluccio, the Barba best friend who also made it to American Idol 6's Hollywood round but failed to make the season's Top 24 semifinalists cut, told her local The Star-Ledger newspaper that only some of the photos that have emerged online are actually of Barba, a 20-year-old Point Pleasant, NJ native.

According to Coluccio, the "tamer shots" -- including an American Beauty tribute photo that features a naked Barba covered by rose petals -- are legitimate and were taken as part of a calendar that she gave her boyfriend of several years but she is certain that the "lewdest" -- specifically the ones that allegedly show Barba performing a sex act -- aren't of Barba.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Round 2: The Guys

YAY!!! Another American Idol Tuesday night full of hopes and dreams! My dream for this week is we don't have another nauseatingly boring show like we had last week! If the guys don't bring it like I feel some of them can....I quit watching the guys!!!! (not really.....but, I'll want to) Just like any other addiction....just can't give it up!

Before we get started, I have to say......GO JENNIFER HUDSON!!!! MISS OSCAR WINNER!!! I was screaming, doing the happy dance and crying all at the same time! Pickles was hanging upside down and flapping his wings like he always does when he is excited (for those of you who don't know...Pickles is a bird) She did such a great job in the movie and was my favorite from season 3! I even got to meet her at the American Idol Finale right after she had won the role of Effie and she came out of the Kodak Theater to tell me all about it! I wish I knew what was going through her mind (it had to be such a surreal moment) standing on the stage where she wasn't "good" enough to win American Idol holding her Oscar! (YOU GO GIRL!!) LOVE, LOVE, LOVE HER!!!!

Now on with the show!!! I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed for something really good!!!

Phone 1-866-436-57_ _ or Text the word "vote" to 57_ _

01 PHIL STACEY: "I Ain't Missing You At All"

  • Randy: You starting off the week right, that was hot!
  • Paula: I can hear how great the tone to your voice is. I can hear you on the radio.
  • Simon: I'm not jumping out of my chair. You are very popular. I'm not hearing anything unique just a really good karaoke singer. But you are not going anywhere, you will be here next week!
  • Goldie: He started the night off right for me!! I'm not jumping out of my chair either, but this guy really impressed me last week and he impressed me even more this week. I hope he stays around for a long time! He's very likeable and seems to be improving already which is a good sign to me!

02 JARED COTTER: "Let's Get It On"

  • Randy: You took a chance, but I liked it. Pitchy in parts, but the facial expressions were hot!
  • Paula: You're a good looking guy, but that is the kind of song you don't have to push...
  • Simon: I'm glad you make an attempt to make a statement, but it reminded me of the "Love Boat" cabaret show!
  • Goldie: I loved his performance! He was a bit pitchy in parts, but still fun for me! He just might be my Elliott Yamin this season!!!

03 A.J. Tabaldo: "I'm Feelin' Good"

  • Randy: It was so much better than last week and proved you got skills.
  • Paula: Props to you guys (band) and your tone was good and you showed how good you are.
  • Simon: That was actually nearly very good. You had some tune problems in the middle, but you made yourself different. You stood out and that was the first time we saw your Personality and you looked strangly comfortable doing that. (dance)
  • Goldie: I liked him much better than last week. I have to agree with all 3 judges.

04 SANJAYA MALAKAR: "Steppin' Out With My Baby"

  • Randy: You're a nice kid, I like you, but this was really wierd. It was like a high school talent show.
  • Paula: You sang on pitch. You have an old soul and you must love music of that genre. I like you but pick songs that celebrate your youth
  • Simon: A ghastly lunch where the children dress up and sing. Very weak, a little wierd, no impact. You were whispering part of that song.
  • Goldie: He's a very sweet guy with an ok voice. Not American Idol material. He's the kind I wish was really good because he's so nice.

05 CHRIS SLIGH: "Trouble"

  • Randy: You returned! You got skills! Good choice!
  • Paula: Watch your pitch and getting ahead of the music!
  • Simon: Tonight you were a very good singer!
  • Goldie: I love his voice! I didn't like the song was boring for me! But no doubt about it...Chris has a great voice and should stay.

06 NICK PEDRO: "Fever"

  • Randy: That was cool. You returned to your old self....smoky and sultry.
  • Paula: Love the tone of your voice. Just let go!
  • Simon: It was good. You lacked charisma.
  • Goldie: Very pitchy at times!!! I like Nick, but he will need to do a lot more to impress me! Nice voice, but just no charisma!

07 BLAKE LEWIS: "Virtual Insanity"

  • Randy: It's so good to see you return to who you are!
  • Paula: You are making smart choices. No one else like you in the competition.
  • Simon: I like you, this week the 1st part was copy cat, 2nd part original, 3rd part was pitchy. I was very disappointed this week.
  • Goldie: I love this guy! He's just fun! He showed his beat boxing/skatting skill a little tonight and that just made it more fun! A bit pitchy (actually....a lot pitchy) but good!

08 BRANDON ROGERS: "Time After Time"

  • Randy: I don't think it did enough for you vocally! Kind of boring.
  • Paula: I felt your heart, you don't have to oversing!
  • Simon: You have got to come out here when you are as talented as you are. This feeling it nonsense doesn't work! You're a good singer!
  • Goldie: I love Brandon! I liked him from the first audition until now, but I think he understates himself too much! He needs to bring it like I know he can!

09 CHRIS RICHARDSON: "Geek in the Pink"

  • Randy: I got to tell you Chris is in it to win it tonight! That was hotter than the original!
  • Paula: Does grandma know what "Geek in Pink" is?
  • Simon: You're somebody to tonight by a mile!
  • Goldie: Loved him! Very fun!

10 SUNDANCE HEAD: "Mustang Sally"

  • Randy: What a difference a week makes! Welcome back! You dropped a bomb on us tonight! That is the reason you are here! That was hot!
  • Paula:You have to bring it like that every week! That range is vocal ever!!
  • Simon: I'm glad we have the Sundance back we really liked! Everyone was on their feet, but you can do better!
  • Goldie: Much better night for Sundance!!! Back to his old self that I loved in auditions!!


Monday, February 26, 2007

The Antonella Factor

Photos showing Antonella Barba performing fellatio on an unidentified male would seem to suggest Antonella Barba's time on American Idol is up... Whether the pics are really her or not. There are arguments and supposed photo "proofs" on both sides, claiming the beauty marks prove it is her, while others claim the shape of the ear proves it's not her.

The question is, how will the Idol producers handle it? Do they care? Will they take the time to truly investigate the matter? Will pressure from the notoriously conservative Fox network put the kibosh on the whole thing, real or not?

Will they be honest and respect the audience by removing her and replacing her with an alternate? Or will they be scuzzy about it, and claim she just didn't get the votes this week? I'm hoping for the former, but I don't really trust the Idol producers enough to believe that's the route they'll take.

Here's the thing, Barba is almost a sure thing to remain's female pick, not only because of her less than voice, but because of the scandal, so the likelihood of her not getting enough votes is very slim.

Not many who take the show seriously will be casting their votes for Barba, and scandal or not, she is one of the disposable females, but I for one want Idol producer Nigel Lythgoe to be up front about it.

How about you?

Congratulations Jennifer!

Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson... That has a very nice ring to it.

The most head-spinning week in Jennifer Hudson's life began with her singing at her childhood church in Chicago and culminated Sunday night with her accepting the movie world's highest honor before a Kodak Theatre packed with Hollywood's biggest stars and an international audience of millions.

"I have to just take this moment in," the tearful 25-year-old South Sider said as she accepted the best supporting actress Academy Award for her spotlight-seizing turn as Effie in the musical "Dreamgirls." "I cannot believe this. Look what God can do. I didn't think I was going to win. If my grandmother was here to see me now--she was my biggest inspiration. She had the passion for it, but she never had the chance."

Earlier in the evening, at Elton John's 15th annual Oscar viewing party to benefit the Elton John Aids Foundation, "American Idol" judge Simon Cowell waxed poetic on former "Idol" finalist Hudson.

"I feel like her foster parent," he said, beaming about the woman he once berated on "Idol."

Saturday, February 24, 2007

More JHud News

Since tomorrow's Oscar night, and the lovely and talented former American Idol Jennifer Hudson is nominated, I thought it fitting to do a little update on her. Seems to me, Miss Hudson's keepin' it real and staying grounded. We wish her the best of luck tomorrow night!!! Who'da thunk it? An American Idol Oscar nominee?!
And... the first black singer on the cover of Vogue magazine... EVER! She looks GORGEOUS!

The Miami Herald Reports...

A wholesome `Idol' For Oscar nominee Jennifer Hudson, there was no question where she'd celebrate her success in the week leading up to the Academy Awards -- at her family's church.

''I don't do clubs. I don't drink. I don't smoke,'' Hudson told a boisterous crowd at Progressive Baptist Church on Chicago's South Side on Monday night. ``I'm not having no club party; I better have a praise party.''

Hudson, 25, headlined a gospel concert named in her honor, ''An Evening of Praise With Jennifer Hudson,'' accompanied by the acclaimed Soul Children of Chicago.

Hudson's bid to become last year's American Idol ended early, but she went on to win a Golden Globe Award last month and is among the nominees for best supporting actress at the Oscars on Sunday for her role in Dreamgirls.

Next month, Hudson will become the first African-American singer to appear on the cover of Vogue, for its annual Power Issue.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Friday Funnies

Not a whole lot more idol news goin' on at the moment, and I can't bring myself to post nearly naked photos of a teenager on vacation somewhere, especially since the same could be posted of me way back when I did a euro teen tour... (glass houses and all, ya know?)... Nor do I have any interest in delving into the criminal records of former and current idol hopefuls...

So.. I found this very funny video on youtube. Please enjoy and have a great weekend!

American Idol Camp

Apparently the advertising $$ generated by a month long celebration of the worst America has to offer is not enough for the American Idol producers...In an attempt to separate you from your hard earned dollars, seems the Idol series producers have leant their names to a camp for aspiring young idols. The camp will not be audition based - all are free to drop $2900 for 10 days. Would you send your adolescent child?

‘American Idol’ camp for teens to open
New performing arts summer camp to cost $2,900 per student
Associated Press
LOS ANGELES - How can you spend your summer vacation, if you’re 12 to 15: Go to “American Idol” camp.

Idol Camp, a performing arts summer camp for kids who crave more than kayaking and hiking, is opening in Massachusetts, it was announced Thursday by series creator 19 Entertainment and co-producer FremantleMedia.

The camp’s limited enrollment isn’t audition-based and won’t guarantee a spot on “American Idol” or provide any advantage in the Fox series’ audition process, a spokesman said. The TV show’s age limit is 16 to 28.

Would-be campers should demonstrate a passion for the arts and a desire to perform, a release said. Four sessions described as “noncompetitive” are planned this summer for July and August.

The camp’s cost is $2,900 per student for 10 days and includes room, board, classes and souvenirs. According to FremantleMedia and 19 Entertainment, a “certain percentage” of students will be eligible for full scholarships based on financial need.

The experience at the Northfield, Mass., camp will include classes with professional artists, former “American Idol” contestants and others in the entertainment industry. Subjects will include singing, dancing and acting.

More familiar camp pastimes such as swimming and field sports will be available.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

And The Losers Are......

Even though we say good-bye to 4 people tonight, I'm not even a little sad. After the "yawner" Tuesday night, I was beginning to wonder why I liked this show so much in the past. Thank God for Wednesday night when the girls displayed actual talent. I have to say, I wish more than 4 were leaving. I just hope America gets it right!

One good moment of the night for me was when Chris Sligh apologized to Simon for his cocky comeback Tuesday night. I was sort of hoping maybe he could be in the bottom 2 and not get sent home to teach him a lesson...(it's waaaay tooo early for anyone to be that cocky!)....but I think he was just a little misunderstood when he was trying to be funny. Simon still likes him and so do I!

Song choice and nerves are sure to play a big part in the eliminations tonight since that was on display more than the talent. The only sad thing is when some of the contestants with the most potential leave before they can show what they have!

Tonight we say goodbye to Paul Kim and Rudy Cardenas from the guys and Amy Krebs and Nicole Tranquillo from the surprises for me. I just would have sent at least 2 more home...oh well.....there's always next week!

This week's American Idol Challenge question: Which American Idol Winner's multi-platinum album is titled "Breakaway"? A) Carrie Underwood
B) Kelly Clarkson
C) Fantasia Barrino
Enter at American or text vote to 51555. Standard text rates apply and can enter up to 10 times each voting period. Each vote will be entered to win $10,000.00 and tickets for 2 to the next live show of American Idol and also the grand prize of $100,000.00 and a pair of tickets to the finale in May.

Judgment Day #1

Good Morning, Idol Fans! Happy Thursday! It's an especially happy one for me, as I just got back from court (had to be there at 8am - brutal), and am happy to report that my driving record remains unblemished, and my pocketbook un-opened. Yayyy!!

OK... on to the business of figuring out who's safe. Our readers report busy signals a-plenty for LaKisha Jones, Melinda Doolittle, Sabrina Sloan, and... Antonella Barba. Also a few for Jordin Sparks, but not so many.

Fingers crossed. Tonight's the night. Who do you think will get the boot? I know a lot of you are hoping to see Sundance gone, but due to, I doubt that'll happen. He was their guy pick, and Antonella was their girl pick. So the 2 of them are probably safe.

If it was based on the performances, which it rarely is, I'd say goodbye to Alaina and Leslie on the women's side. For the men... sheesh... it's tough to call. Suppose they'd let us just start over with the men and bring in a new crew? Probably not, huh? So... I'm gonna say it's buh-bye to AJ Tabaldo and Nick Pedro. I just can't see the audience really connecting with Tabaldo, and Nick fell flat... but he does have a built in fanbase from being on the show before, so who knows?

Curious to know who you think's gonna get the heave ho. You can leave us a comment here by clicking where it says comment at the bottom right of the post.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Round 1: The Girls

Whether it's the numbers you need, the judges comments, or my 2 cents you're looking for, look no further! Well, just look below this little paragraph. ;)

Phone 1-866-436-57_ _ or Text the word "Vote" to 57_ _

01 Stephanie Edwards: "How Come You Don’t Call Me"
Randy: Unbelievable conviction. (in a very good way)
Paula: What a performer you are! You are a Star! My G-d, Look at you!
Simon: You were a million times better than any performance we saw last night. it was by far your best performance we've seen so far. Unlike yesterday, it looks as if you came out and said, "I want to win American Idol."
Carolyn: Who?! Did they ever show this girl before? Why do the producers hide away the talent and show us all the painfully tone deaf singers? Wow. Nice start! Vive la difference! Chicks rule!

02 Amy Krebs: "I Can't Make You Love Me"
Randy: That was a medium, middle of the road performance. To safe for me. She's better than the song she chose, and she didn't sing it well.
Paula: I'm gonna have to agree with Randy.
Simon: I still can't remember you. When you sing, you have the personality of a candle.
Carolyn: Really nice voice. More than I was expecting, to be frank. Started a bit pitchy, but immediately recovered, and remained solid throughout. What she lacked for me was any real excitement. Nice voice, but.. so what.

03 Leslie Hunt: "Natural Woman"
Randy: I was hoping for definite greatness, but that song I felt was a little too big for you.
Paula: I think you did a great job, however, watch the songs that you pick...
Simon: It wasn't great. You look embarrassed and ungainly when you perform.
Carolyn: Leslie, Leslie, leslie... sigh. Nice voice. You didn't suck. But you're singing my favorite song, and Carole King you are not. Aretha, you are definitely not. Bad song choice. If you're not gonna sing it from your toes, choose another song!

04 Sabrina Sloan: "I Aint Never Loved a Man, The Way that I Love You"
Randy: We finally got ourselves a competition. That's the one to beat. That was hot.
Paula: Standing ovation. Awesome.
Simon: That performance was the best I've seen so far.
Carolyn: OK... YOU can sing Natural Woman. You have permission. Another nice surprise that was completely glossed over during the 1st few weeks.

05 Antonella Barba: "Don't Wanna Miss a Thing"
Randy: It was really pitchy, really bland.
Paula: It may not have been great, but it wasn't bad. You're an amazingly beautiful girl. (blah blah blah)
Simon: The good news is, you're attractive. The bad news is, it didn't work. It was way, way, way too big for you, that song. I think this has seriously damaged your chances of staying here another week.
Carolyn: Pitchy start. Will the vocal coach please step in soon and correct all the hard R's?! Togetherrrrrrrr. No. Togethahhhh... ahhhh. She made it hers, but she didn't really bring me in. I was bored with her. Pass.

06 Jordin Sparks: "Gimme One Reason..."
Randy: You've got some of the most unbeliveable natural talent up here. I don't know if there's any song too big for you, so go there!
Paula: You were a little tentative at first, but you came into your own. Go for it!
Simon: We've seen a big change with you. As Randy said, you've got a very, very good voice. I think, push yourself, and you may go very, very far in this competition.
Carolyn: OK, I come into this already liking Jordin. And unlike several of the contestants, I remember her! Let's see what she brings... Star Quality, from the moment she takes the stage. And a voice to match. Well done!

07 Nicole Tranquillo: "Stay Together"
Randy: Little bit of Chaka, Little Erika Badu. It wasn't working for me. That was rough for me. I didn't get that at all. It went right over my head. Wrong song. Wrong Vibe. Too urban for you.
Paula: I don't know how many people can hit the notes that NIcole just hit. THat was a performance that was out of this world. it may not have been the right song, but you can sing.
Simon: It was indulgent, it looked fake, like you'd been over-rehearsing. Song choice is very important, and I don't think that was you.
Carolyn: Painful to look at.. not that she's unattractive, but that this song is coming out of her. It just looks disingenuous. White girl from the burbs... this is not your song, and you will never own it. She has a voice - it just shouldn't have been singing this song.

08 Haley Scarnato: "All Coming Back to Me..."
Randy: It was just ok for me, really. It was a good choice for you, but I don't think you did anything special with it.
Paula: I think you did a nice job, I do. I was hoping that maybe you would have selected a different song.
Simon: You sounded 40. That was the problem. It was a bit like being at a reasonably good hotel, and that was the last song of the night. You made yourself very dated, old fashioned. A little boring.
Carolyn: Very nice vocal quality. Looks very comfortable on stage. Camera loves her. But... she was a big whatever for me.

09 Melinda Doolittle: "Since You Been Gone "
Randy: That's the way. If you got it, Show it. Blew it out the box. All you need is confidence. That was the bomb.
Paula: No more background singing. You are a frontrunner.
Simon: You are an incredible singer. You have a fantastic story. You are a fantastic person. i really hope you do well.
Carolyn: Yayyyy!! We're actually on a commercial break right now, but I'm so psyched for Melinda to sing, I have to start writing already! Please do well!!! Please bring it like you did at the auditions. You are the annointed one this year, Melinda. Hopefully that doesn't mean you're out too soon when people get lazy about voting.... Bring it, girl!
Singing now... Melinda, You OWN THIS!!! From the moment she took the stage, Melinda set the bar as high as it should have been from singer #1 last night. This is the caliber of singer we should be demanding. Long may she reign!

10 Alaina Alexander: "Brass In Pocket"
Randy: It really wasn't great.
Paula: You didn't make it your own. I didn't feel it.
Simon: I think the applause of the crowd made you think it was better than it was. You're going to be reliant on your looks at the moment, not your voice.
Carolyn: Don't immitate. Be you. We know who she is. We have no idea who you are, and when you sing her song, her way, we still don't know you. As it was... nice lounge act.

11 Gina Glocksen: "All by Myself"
Randy: Big girl. Big Voice. Big Song. That was nice.
Paula: It was the right song to sing tonight.
Simon: It's a different side to you, Gina. I don't think you quite nailed it. I don't think you hit the big note. I don't think you quite got there with it to be honest with you.
Carolyn: Surprising choice for Gina. I like surprises. Ok.. Gina brought it, but she actually needed to be reigned in a bit. There was a point at which she actually sounded as though she was shrieking. She says she hit it, but I beg to differ.

12 Lakisha Jones: "You're Gonna Love Me"
Randy: I do love you. Jennifer Hudson, watch out!
Paula: You have so much to be proud of. This is where you belong.
Simon: Just to correct someone earlier, that's the right note. i am very tempted to say to 23 other people, book your plane tickets home.
Carolyn: I already love you, LaKisha! Ballsy to sing this song. Not too many on the show could handle this song. She could and she did. Oh yeah!! Great way to end the night! Very close to perfection. I love you.

All in all, WOW!!!! did the girls completely school the boys tonight, or what?! They were what this show is all about.

Vote people!!!

Fantasia Thursday

FOX has announced season 3 winner Fantasia will perform on the show this Thursday and reportedly will announce that she’ll be joining the cast of Oprah Winfrey’s “The Color Purple” on Broadway.

Settle down, Daughtry fans. Nigel's apparently trying to work something out where he and other former idols will appear sometime this season as well.

We've also learned from reliable sources that Jennifer Lopez is scheduled to perform on “American Idol” on April 11, and very strong rumors suggest that Gwen Stefani is slated to perform on “Idol” on March 28.

Girls Night!

OK.. No more moaning and gnashing of teeth about the boys first round.

Clean slate. It's girls night, and we wanna know who your favorites are. Who are you rooting for? Do you think there are clear frontrunners?

For me, if I have to pick just one, I'm leaning towards Melinda Doolittle. On vocal performance, style and experience, she is unrivaled. I'm just hoping her confidence will grow to match her abilities.

All About Simon

Last night, Idol hopeful Chris Sligh made mention of Il Divo and Teletubbies in a Simon Cowell dig that made the whole room rather uncomfortable - Simon most notably... It left me scratching my head, so I decided to do a little looking into it. Here's what I found:

by Rodney Ho
On the airplane, Delta aired “Simon Cowell: True Hollywood Story.” So I started jotting notes. Why not? I hadn’t seen it before.

His dad tried to get him into construction. But he got a job as a runner at a TV studio earning $30 a week, then the mailroom at EMI Records and clawed his way up. In 1982, he joined a label and just as he signed up his first artist Sinitta (who became his girlfriend), the owner shut it down. He convinced the guy to give him $7,500 and he ended up getting her a top 2 single “So Macho.” Then she became a star with a song called “Toy Boy” ; (though not in the States. I;ve never heard of her!).

In 1989, the label he built up was bought out and the big company went bust. “When it went down, I went down,” Cowell said, “I owed the bank millions of dollars. I didn’t have a job.”

His mom Julie Cowell allowed him to move back to his parents’ house. Two years later, he joined BMG Records in the A&R department. He convinced the World Wrestling Federation to release successful records. He did soundtracks for the Teletubbies and the Power Rangers. He jumped to RCA. People thought he was insane for the pure cheesiness of it all. He even got two actors to sing “Unchained Melody,” which went No. 1 for seven weeks. No wonder that’s one of his favorite songs of all time!

He missed out on signing the Spice Girls. Instead, he found an Irish boy group Westlife, which he said sold 50 milion records and had 14 no. 1 singles. Obviously, that is yet another act that didn’t make any impact stateside.

Then he was asked to join a show called Pop Stars to be a judge. At first, he felt uncomfortable and backed out. He called a meeting with Simon Fuller producing a series of their own. They tweaked the process and created “:op Idol.” He still resisted being a judge but took on the challenge. Pete Waterman, his protégé, was supposed to be the nasty one and Simon expected to be the expert. It October 6, 2001, it debuted and was an instant hit. Simon became an instant star. He was dubbed “Mr. Nasty.”

Fox purchased the show and asked for Simon to do the same thing there. He was, well, reluctant again. In the spring of 2002, Simon said working with Paula at first was like “a dog and a cat together and shaking them in a box.” Ryan Seacrest said he didn’t think Simon would work.

When Simon started ripping into contestants, Paula and Randy were in shock. “Simon had me in tears and I felt so bad for these kids,” Paula said. “I became violently ill.”

Simon said he thought he’d be kicked out in three weeks. But he won fans — lots of them. “I try to say what people are thinking.”

In 2003, Simon renewed his contract for 3 more years at $150,000 per episode. He decided to go into TV production. His first show: Cupid. But the dating show died after 11 episodes. Over on the UK, he launched “X Factor” in 2004 and dwarfed “Pop Ido1.” In “X Factor,” the judges competed for talent.

Simon Fuller, who created Idol, sued Simon Cowell, saying he ripped off his show. They ultimately settled out of court and he gave Fuller an ownership cut of “X Factor.”

In 2005, he signed on to another five years for $30 million a year. He added “American Inventor” to his resume, then “America’s Got Talent.” He also introduced the pop classical musical act Il Divo.

Saved by the Busy Signal

Who seems safe? Based on the busy signals our friends have been reporting, it seems Chris Sligh, Brandon Rogers, Blake Lewis and Phil Stacey are all safe from elimination this week. Some also had busies for Jared Cotter and Sanjaya Malakar.

To noones surprise, Sundance mucked it up something fierce last night, but he may have an ace in the hole. There's a group called "VoteForTheWorst," and he's their first poster boy. A dubious honor, to be sure, but it may just save him.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Round 1: The Guys

Phone 1-866-436-57_ _ or Text the word "Vote" to 57_ _

01 Rudy Cardenas: "Free Ride"
  • Randy: Got the party started, but really corny and could be in any bar in America
  • Paula: Fantastic--We've never had someone start off this energetic
  • Simon: Not unique, not a distinctive voice, nothing to remember, dated song

02 Brandon Rogers: "Rock With You"

  • Randy: Wasn't his best----pitchy
  • Paula: Great job. But not singing backup anymore and needs to step up
  • Simon: Very safe and predictable song to do hard to make an impact with that kind of song and is better than that

03 Sundance Head: "I Love You"

  • Randy: One of the auditions favorites because of the bluesy thing, but abandoned the blues and it was off pitch the whole song
  • Paula: Did not pick the right song
  • Simon: Like dad at a wedding--very old fashioned and uninspired

04 Paul Kim: "I'm Never Gonna Dance Again"

  • Randy: Didn't love this song---pitchy--a lot of promise
  • Paula: Over sang the song--never found the center---worth pushing through
  • Simon: Suggested shoes for next show--very ordinary attempt at George Michael

05 Chris Richardson: "I Don't Wanna Be"

  • Randy: Felt like the show just started--wasn't the best, but made it work
  • Paula: Great arrangement--original and fun
  • Simon: Really likes Chris--voice very small in that song--bad vocal--below standard

06 Nick Pedro: "Now and Forever"

  • Randy: It wasn't good---really boring and pitchy--Felt Nick was lost
  • Paula: The audition melted us and this fell flat
  • Simon: Didn't think it was that bad--lost the spark--but charming and just very nervous

07 Blake Lewis: "Somewhere Only We Know"

  • Randy: Shocked you sang that song, but kind of dug it--good job, pitch problems, but good
  • Paula: Picked an odd song and vocals were spot on--not much pitch problems
  • Simon: Not the best vocal in the world--but the different from the rest for using a more modern song and the best performance (so far) of the evening--good beat boxer but best that he chose to show another side

08 Sanjaya Malakar: "Knocks Me Off My Feet"

  • Randy: Didn't think it was very good at all--not a good song choice
  • Paula: Sweet soul that comes across when singing--wish more showmanship came through in performance
  • Simon: The most used line--"I Don't Want To Bore You" --most dreadful of the night

09 Chris Sligh: "Typical"

  • Randy: Voice on point---"I am a Chris fan"
  • Paula: Everyone had a great time!
  • Simon: Likes him very much, not an incredible vocal performance

10 Jared Cotter: "Back at One"

  • Randy: Coming into his own---
  • Paula: Reminded of a younger Brian McKnight
  • Simon: A bit nasal--looks good--needs to take a few more risks

11 A.J. Tabaldo: "All My Love"

  • Randy: Nothing new, but worked it out
  • Paula: Can definately sing--Great job--Go for it more
  • Simon: Good--nothing great--nothing terrible--theme park performance--predictable--choose a more challenging song--better than original impression

12 Phil Stacey: "I Could Not Ask For More"

  • Randy: Started rough---best vocal prize of the night!!
  • Paula: Shaky beginning--opened up and turned out great
  • Simon: Ok--just ok

First show was a bust for me!! I was really thinking the American Idol was going to be a guy until tonight! The only authentically good performances for me were Chris Sligh and Phil Stacey. I didn't even like Phil Stacey until tonight and for me ....he really shined! There is potential for several, but I don't know if they will be able to hold on to realize that potential!

Blake Lewis should do well as should Chris Richardson (he reminds me of Justin Timberlake....anyone else??). I've already forgotten about several performances....thankfully! Some I wish I could forget..... My biggest disappointments of the night were Brandon Rogers and Sundance Head. Both are potentially the best, but after tonight...I wouldn't be sorry to see Sundance go at all!

After Elliott Yamin's performance of "Knocks Me Off My Feet" last year, Sanyaya just fell short. Paul Kim....potential, but not sure about him yet. Nick Pedro....even more boring than Richard Marx. I can see why A. J. Tabaldo has not made it very far before now.....still kind of wish he wasn't there. Rudy Cardenas is so much better than his song tonight....maybe he'll be able to show us next week! to vote--see you tomorrow night for the girls--Sure hope it's better than tonight!

Happy Idol Tuesday!!

We couldn't be any happier! Tonight, we take the reins! Tonight, America begins to decide. Who will be... the next American Idol? Who will surprise us? Who will bomb? Who will rock our socks off?

All these questions and more will be answered starting at 8pm.

Be there!

We will. :)

Monday, February 19, 2007

Top 12 Men Poll

Tomorrow night the top 12 male singers perform, so in advance of this auspicious event, we'd like to take a little poll, and find out where our esteemed readers are leaning.

3 easy questions:

Who will Suck?
Who will Rule?
Which 2 will be voted off?

Please leave your answers here on the blog in the comments section (not on myspace). We moderate all comments, so it could take a few minutes to see yours posted, but that's better than the alternative - having lame jerks trying to sell you viagra in our comment section!

Need a refresher? Here are the names of the top 12 guys:

Sanjaya Malakar
Brandon Rogers
Philip Stacy
Chris Sligh
Blake Lewis
Rudy Cardenas
A.J. Tabaldo
Paul Kim
Nick Pedro
Chris Richardson
Jared Cotter
Sundance Head

No Jacko

Well, it was certainly an interesting idea... but if AI wants to maintain the squeaky clean image, Jackson's presence could cause quite an uproar. Can you imagine the protests? Not exactly the kind of publicity they want...

Here's the latest:

'No truth' in Jackson American Idol reports
Singer Michael Jackson will not be appearing on the current series of 'American Idol' as a mentor, according to his representative.

US media reports had suggested that the singer would be making an appearance on the show for a special programme where the contestants would be performing his hits.

However, Jackson's representative Raymone Bain told 'Access Hollywood': "There is absolutely no truth to the rumour that Michael Jackson is going to appear on 'American Idol'."

"He has signed no agreements with anyone," the representative said.

Executive producer Nigel Lythgoe also dismissed the reports, saying: "It's not true. It's just not true. We won't be seeing him."

Thursday, February 15, 2007

MySpace Invasion

Attack of the Idol Monster! Run for your lives! I just went around to a few of the top 24s myspace pages, and it looks like Fox Legal got there first. Where there used to be fully articulated myspace pages, all they have left is a pic, and whatever song they had on before. No friends, no comments, nothin'. Just, "Thanks for checking out my profile. Catch American Idol Tuesdays and Wednesdays on FOX." Makes ya feel all warm and fuzzy, huh? Make no mistake, big brother is watching them.

Where's Waldo?

Your American Idol is hidden somewhere in this pic. Can you find him/her? Who's it gonna be?

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Did Your Favorite Make It Through??? Mine Did!!

Other reality shows always promise the most dramtic night of television, but American Idol has delivered this every season with the Wednesday night results show.... and tonight is the most dramatic other than the finale for me. I'm always on the edge of my seat, biting my nails wondering if my favorites made it through or if I'll find a new favorite in the group. The last two years I have picked most of the top 24, but as we all know....nothing on American Idol is ever a sure thing. This season promies to be no different.

Due to only hearing small sound bites of some of the Idol hopefuls and none from some of the others, there is always one or two that sort of sneak in and win my vote. Of course, some that I thought were going to be fantastic turn out to be the one person I wish would just go home. We've all seen how some of the best completely lose it during Hollywood week and how some of the worst shine brighter than even they could have imagined.

This season has two background singers who have decided to try it solo, two returning Idol contestants from season 5 auditions, a beatbox champion, Jack Obsorne look-a-like and several that unknowns! Since we are at the mercy of the judges in the beginning, we have to believe they have made a good choice, but next's in our hands!

Here is our Top 24!!

Top 12 Girls:

Melinda Doolittle
Gina Glocksen
Haley Scarnato
Jordan Sparks
Stephanie Edwards
Leslie Hunt
Alaina Alexander
Sabrina Sloan
Lakisha Jones
Nicole Tranquillo
Amy Krebs
Antonella Barba

Top 12 Guys:

Sanjaya Malakar
Brandon Rogers
Philip Stacy
Chris Sligh
Blake Lewis
Rudy Cardenas
A.J. Tabaldo
Paul Kim
Nick Pedro
Chris Richardson
Jared Cotter
Sundance Head

The Final Judgement

Seems every new episode of AI6 feels like the first real episode. Tonight was like that again for me. Tonight, going from 40 to 24, the ball moved swiftly and firmly into our court.. and we accept the challenge. We promise to dial and text our little fingers off... Tonight, I'm gonna try to turn a new leaf and focus on the positives... After tonight, it's all up to us.

First Up, Sunjaya Malakar - who sang Some Kind of Wonderful... Unfortunately, his sister didn't make it, and God love him, he shed tears for her. And he made it Through! Sunjaya's smile lights up the world. Let's hope his voice holds true.

Melinda Doolittle - the INCREDIBLE former backup singer... FORMER, being the key word.

Brandon Rodgers - Another FORMER backup singer... Rock it!

I'm thrilled for all the finalists, but I couldn't be any happier for these 2.

Gina Glocksen - Through with flying colors...

Hayley Scarnato - Made it through...

Phil Stacy - He of the outrageous BLUE eyes... who missed the birth of his daughter to audition... Made it!!

Chris Sligh - a physical cross between Meatloaf and Justin Guarini... great personality, terrific voice... and although Simon said he wasn't one of the better singers, He Made it! And I disagree with Simon on this one.

BLAKE Lewis- the myspace favorite by a mile, with a fan club of "Blaker Girls" who even have t-shirts for sale - made it! - but Simon wants to be perfectly clear, this is a singing, not beat boxing, competition.

Paul Kim - "Barefoot Boy" who also has a thing for his "lucky drawers"... made it through!

Jordan Sparks - stunning voice... stunning girl... and so excited she looked like she could burst through her skin.

AJ Tabaros... made it through... sorry, but i don't think he'll be around very long. I know I promised to keep it positive tonight, but this choice didn't make sense to me.

Nicholas Pedro - who blew it during Hollywood week last year, Made it Through.

Lakisha Jones... ok.. I now have a sentimental favorite. No regrets.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Jacko on Idol?!

Just found this article on TMZ and thought you'd all be interested... Curious to know your thoughts on this one.

Will Wacko Jacko Bring Glove to "Idol"?
by TMZ Staff

Courtney Love on "American Idol" -- intriguing. Michael Jackson on "Idol" -- shocking!

It could happen, though, if certain hints dropped by "Idol" producers are to be believed. reports that "several signs" point to the possibility that Michael Jackson will have his own "Idol" theme-week, and might even "mentor" the impressionable young talent on the show.

Why all the Jackson buzz? First of all, "Idol" producers have hinted for weeks at a "big event show" during this season. Also, reports have swirled that Jackson has turned to "Idol" creator Simon Fuller to help revive his flagging career, perhaps involving a comeback show in Las Vegas. Finally, in a recent conference call, executive producer Nigel Lythgoe explained the show's impenetrable wall of silence around contestants, and used Jackson as an example, saying they wouldn't want it to "slip out with somebody telling their mom that Michael Jackson is coming."

Would a savvy operator like Lythgoe really let such a big scoop just slip? Reps for the show had no comment. A rep for Michael Jackson could not immediately be reached.

Hollywood Slaughter

Pop, pop, fizzle. With very few exceptions, that about sums up the night. Perhaps it was editing. I'm willing to give the Idol hopefuls the benefit of the doubt. It's hard to shine when your song is reduced to a 7 second sound bite. Harder still when your future on the show is dependent exclusively upon your abitlity to blend with other vocalists with zero direction and less compatibility... in a show that's all about soloists.

I get it. The group round is all about commitment and adaptability. Still doesn't make it fair... but what in Hollywood is? It reminds me of a headline from Variety years ago, somewhere near 1990... "NAACP Cites Cronyism, Bias in Entertainment Industry." This headline had me laughing out loud. It might as well have said, "Sky is Blue." One, like the other, is simply not news.

Thankfully, Goldie'll be around in a little bit to give the full rundown on the evening, but I had to get my thoughts in... just for the record... Sky is Still Blue.


Does anyone else love Hollywierd week as much as me? After all of the bad.....we finally have a room full of good.....yet,'s still...bad??? I'm just a bit surprised (and very happy) the Idol execs didn't drag this thing out for another week.

172 people received their coveted golden tickets and have arrived in Oz to pursue their dreams of stardom. Old and new friends excitedly take the stage at the historical Orpheum theater and the drama really begins!

Day 1 had the girls center stage and with more than twice the number than the guys, early cuts were expected....just not 6 with one fell swoop! I was very sad to see my army girl, Rachel Jenkins and New Yorker, Porcelana cut on the first day. The last contestant of the day, Nicole Turner sang for her mother and was sent packing, but not before mom, Eleanor Tatton, made an appeal to the judges. Simon lost at least 2 fans, (I'm not one of them) after obnoxiously shouting "his opinion" at Nicole that is wasn't the song choice, but the singer. Nicole and mom left in a bit of a huff and Paula shouted at Simon.....(nothing new)! In all 56 girls are cut.

Day 2 brought the guys to the frontlines and USS Ronald Regan Idol, Jarrod Fowler is cut and leaves with one of the classiest attitudes I have ever seen on the show! (Best of luck, Jarrod!)
My little Matt Sato, (ya know, "My mom is proud of me" guy), broke my heart....again...when after he goes through, calls his mom with the great news and we hear her excitedly proclaim her love. He then says "she never says she loves me, either".....does anybody else want to just hug him??? 34 make it through to the next round.

Day 3 are the groups, but the night before....drama, drama, DRAMA!!! This is the night friendships are tested to the limits....I've always wondered just how many actually survive. (If there is anyone out there that have survived Hellweek with their friendship still intact.....would ya just give a shout out and let me know?..Thanks;) Nothing new happened. Everyone got really excited. Groups were formed. There were fights, tears, flirting, horrible dancing, forgotten lyrics, insults, some members not working, unwanted pointers given, more fights....(did I miss anything?)

The judges' pet peeve of forgotten lyrics was the weapon of choice and many contestants like Matt Sato, were caught in the cross fire. Colombiam Diva, Perla is sent home since personality alone does not make you a star (another very classy exit....I'll miss her!)
Even though early on in the rehearsals, it didn't look like the dance moves were going to all....beatboxer Blake Lewis, Rudy Cardenas, Tomas Lowe and Chris Sligh were the best of the day and in my opinion...the best of all the seasons I have seen...(I've seen them all).
As great as he is, Sundance Head forgot his lyrics and still made it through, causing another conflict between Paula and Simon, who thought she was too generous. At least Sundance admitted his mistake and was a bit shocked at his luck.
Best friends Antonella Barba and Amanda Coluccio joined Baylie Brown and all three girls seemed so scared, I thought they would possibly wet themselves! Baylie was the casualty of the group and confronted the other members since she felt she had worked harder than the bff's and was not rewarded. Somehow, I think this may be the friendship that will not last??
In total, 36 were cut from group day and with just one day left to impress the judges, the contestants went back to their rooms with thoughts of which song to sing to give them the edge.

Day 4 separated bff's Antonella and Amanda as Antonella made it through to the next round for one final test. Brother and sister Sanjaya and Shymali Malakar were also separated when Sanjaya was passed through. (Did anyone else cry too?? I guess I'm just a big softie, but I love their sibling bond!) Tomorrow we find out the top 24 list...I can't wait! Even though some of my favorites were cut tonight, I still have a few left and of course...I have new favorites. What would an American Idol season be if we didn't fall in and out of love with the contestants every week?

1st Night Jitters

OK kids, we've waited and waited, and tonight's the night: the beginning of the Hollywood slaughter. In the spirit of fun, we'd like to know what your thoughts and feelings are on this year's American Idol so far... and see how good we all are at predicting the future, so we have a couple questions for you.

Please respond here in the comment section. It may take a little while to get posted, because we moderate all comments (to keep the creepy viagra and porn pushers away), but rest assured, your voice will be heard. :)

  1. Will the winner of Idol 6 be male or female?
  2. Are you a serious voter?
  3. How many times do you have to get through for your faves to make you feel like you've done as much as you can do?
  4. Which of the chalkboard scratchers will be featured on the Finale this year?

Looking forward to your responses!

Goldie's a DishChick!

Good Morning and Happy Idol Tuesday! Tonight, we follow the Idol hopefuls to Hollywood, and (drumroll please) Goldie officially joins the blog! She's been making a huge contribution since the beginning of the season, so we wanted to make it official: Goldie's now a DishChick! With her own by-line. :) I know she has great treats in store for you, so please give her a warm welcome!

Monday, February 12, 2007

'Idols' To Watch In Hollywood

I can not thank Carla and Carolyn enough for inviting me to be a new addition to the "IdolDish Diva Society". I guess they could tell how much I love American Idol and all the drama that goes with it! I am so excited for the voting to begin. I already have my favorites and we still have to go through Hollywood Hell Week! This was posted on yesterday and was close to my own list of favorites, I decided to share with all of you guys! I'll post my opinions of the evening as soon as the show is over! Talk to you all then!

'Idol' Power List: Heading to Hollywood

By Michael Slezak
1) JASON ''SUNDANCE'' HEAD (last week No. 1)Burly, genial son of '60s hitmaker Roy Head was a bluesy delight delivering ''Stormy Monday'' in Memphis, and consistent strength in's reader poll is encouraging. Now if we could just do something about that warthog-style facial hair.

2) CHRIS SLIGH (last week No. 2)Jack Osbourne clone hooked us from the get-go with his Hasselhoff joke, and his vocal and emotional range on Seal's ''Kiss From a Rose'' proved equally appealing. Probably causing panic at 19 Entertainment HQ, which makes us cheer for him twice as hard.

3) TAMI GOSNELL (new this week, pictured right)Brought a soulful magnetism to the Allman Brothers' ''Whipping Post'' and evoked memories of the great Janis Joplin. Still, the Colorado pedi-cab driver could face an uphill climb in the competition, given her makeup-free, slightly androgynous exterior.

4) EBONY JOINTER (new this week, pictured left)Auditioned with two gal pals — all of them wearing car-hop uniforms — but this leggy lass didn't really need a gimmick, not with a schlock-free ''I Believe in You and Me'' that would've left even Whitney Houston shouting ''Hell to the yeah!''

5) BAYLIE BROWN (new this week)''Commercial with a capital C'' was how Simon Cowell described this Denise Richards look-alike after her powerful, controlled rendition of Faith Hill's ''Stronger.'' Is it possible this sunny 16-year-old was produced in some kind of government Idol laboratory?

6) SANJAYA MALAKAR (last week No. 4)Younger half of a potent brother-sister combo tackled Stevie Wonder without sacrificing melody for melisma, and despite having had no airtime since Jan. 17, he remains a force in's reader poll. With the help of a stylist, there's no telling how far he'll go.

7) PORCELANA PATINO (last week No. 3)Okay, so she shares a name with a face cream and snagged only 1 percent of votes in our latest reader poll, but I'm defiantly keeping her in the top 10 anyway. C'mon, people, her rendition of ''Love No Limit'' was the best thing to come out of Queens since Ugly Betty!

8) MELINDA DOOLITTLE (last week No. 6)It'd take a Grinch not to root for this 28-year-old backup singer, who fought off a mean case of the nervous shakes before her home-run audition of ''For Once in My Life.'' Still, lack of confidence may not look so cute in front of a live audience.

9) JENRY BEJARANO (last week No. 5)What's this? A 16-year-old who looks like Tyson Beckford's far hotter younger cousin? And who delivered an above-average version of Gerald Levert's ''I'd Give Anything to Fall in Love''? Yes, people, God does indeed play favorites.

10) LAKISHA JONES (new this week)Perhaps the only thing bigger than this soul sister's voice — no, I'm not setting up for a breast joke, thank you — is her appealingly confident personality. Admit it: You got a little misty when she tearfully embraced her daughter after getting a ticket to Hollywood.

11) BRANDON ROGERS (last week No. 7)His smooth, seductive ''Always on My Mind'' was the lone cause for celebration from Idol's lackluster Los Angeles audition episode; is it any wonder Christina Aguilera and Anastacia brought him along for backup support on their respective tours?

12) PAUL KIM (new this week)If this big-voiced poolboy loses the breathy affectations that hindered his take on Shai's ''If I Ever Fall in Love,'' he might just get his wish and replace William Hung as the nation's best-known Asian-American Idol — and not a second too soon.

13) RACHEL ZEVITA (last week No. 10)Brilliantly neutralized Simon's accusation of musical schizophrenia by pointing out that Idol wannabes need to tackle different themes each week. But while she aced the rock, AC, and opera genres, she desperately needs a tutor in Style 101 — and a tweezer.

14) ANTONELLA BARBA (last week No. 8)Untrained half of New York episode's ''Jersey girl'' duo proved to be a surprisingly powerful vocalist with a great sense of rhythm on Deniece Williams' tricky ballad, ''Free,'' but is there enough genuine fire beneath that low-wattage façade?

15) SEAN MICHEL (last week No. 17)It takes chutzpah to point out your resemblance to Osama bin Laden, Jesus, and Fidel Castro, and while his audition sounded weak to me, the dude is shockingly popular in our reader polls. Plus, rumors of his elimination for refusing to submit to a makeover in Hollywood week have kept his buzz going.

16) SHYAMALI MALAKAR (last week No. 12)Sure, her jazzy take on ''Summertime'' wasn't at Fantasia levels, but at least she did it her way. Not only that, Sanjaya's sister is sassy without being mouthy, and her success would leave Simon regretting that ''nothing unique'' critique. Oh snap!

17) GINA GLOCKSEN (new this week)Tattooed rock chick was impressive in Hollywood week during season 5, but didn't make the top 24. And while her season 6 audition of ''Black Velvet'' wasn't as vocally impressive, her flirtation with Simon was cute. This year's Melissa McGhee — but with a personality?

18) SARAH KRUEGER (last week No. 9)She's pretty, she's unassuming, and she gave a lovely rendition of ''Somewhere Over the Rainbow'' at her Minneapolis audition. But three weeks after her initial appearance, the buzz on the curly-haired diva is quieter than a dog whistle.

19) JIMMY MCNEAL (new this week)His very jaunty version of ''Cupid'' prompted Simon to describe him as ''a little, fun Ruben'' — which isn't the worst comparison in the world. Bonus points for his hilarious exchange with the little girl outside the audition room. Him: ''I'm goin' to Hollywood!'' Her: ''So?''

20) NICHOLAS PEDRO (last week No. 14)Yet another chap who had Paula salivating like one of Pavlov's dogs, but his ''Fly Me to the Moon'' proved he's more than a handsome face. Still, after botching his lyrics and bailing during season 5's Hollywood round, his guts remain a question mark.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Soul Patrol Freebie Tickets

This just in off the myspace bulletin wires.... Straight from Taylor Hicks' official page. What kind of DishChicks would we be if we didn't share the love?

Check this out!

We've secured eight pairs of tickets to various Taylor Hicks concerts that we'll be giving away.

2/21 - Jacksonville - One Pair
3/08 - Nashville - The Ryman Auditorium - One Pair
3/09 - Atlanta - One Pair
3/10 - Birmingham - Two Pairs
3/14 - New Orleans - - One Pair
3/22 - St Charles, MO - One Pair
3/29 - Chicago, IL - One Pair

What do you need to do? Click here to sign up for the sweepstakes! Random drawings will occur throughout the tour, so be sure to keep checking your email!

Some rules and restrictions apply.
Click here to view the complete set of rules and restrictions.

Is this a ploy to fatten their email address book? Yup. Sure looks like it. But hey, you could win free tickets... So why not?

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

We're There! Almost.

Written by Goldie

On the journey that is American Idol, "are we there yet?" has become such a common phrase.....and it seems this journey is neverending at this stage every season. They've promised the best of the best and the worst of the worst for tonight. Can they really get any worse than what we've seen already?? Heaven help us!!

So far, the thing that actually gets better every year is the drama!!! Forget reality...American Idol should be considered for the daytime or evening drama categories at awards shows.

We've definetly been taught many lessons over the years about how to be a star! Here are just a few!

Lesson 1: The Look

Is it the dance moves? Is it the outfit? The lack thereof? And if the outfit expresses their mood....should we be afraid? (Need I ask?? Probably not!!) For example, Christa Fazzio: One part Mary Poppins, the other part Dick Van Dyke's chimney sweep character.....she really wanted to make it was her dream. My dream (along with the judges) was for her to go through the door...and never look back. On the flipside of the coin (the one where the look is normal) Tami Gosnell rocked out to "Whipping Post"---LOVED HER! Which proves...looks aren't everything...even though she was adorable.

Lesson 2: Seek Inspiration

Who should the aspiring Idols idolize?? There is so much talent to choose from....Fantasia Barrino, Taylor Hicks, Christiana Aguilera, Ozzy Osbourne, Mariah Carey, David Hasselhoff and of course...Ricky Martin, but William Hung???? Paul Kim was so impressed with William Hung's determination and spirit, he decided he wanted the rest of the world to know that the Asian community has more than "She Bangs' to choose from. (Somehow...I still don't think he will make us forget Mr. Hung) Bo Bice's version of "In A Dream" caused Jack Odanovich to dream of bringing the judges to their feet, but proved his inspiration was not the "Dream" he hoped it would be!

Lesson 3: Never Give Up!

This season brought more repeat auditioners than ever before. The only person I remembered was Gina Glocksen..liked her last time....liked her this time, but do you ever wonder if they didn't make it before, will they be good enough this time??? Is it true that with age comes wisdom? Maturity?? Let's hope!! But yet....the incredibly delusioned try again as well. Even with the constant scream of abuse...seems like somone likes tough love! Let's hope they've learned to keep their day job...just in case!!

It doesn't hurt to show "mad love" to the judges either. At least you can get a hug out of the deal, even if you don't make it through to Hollywood!
So many people say they come just to catch sight of the judges? Why do I wish they would only ask for an autograph instead of sending me to therapy? Of course...if laughter is the best medicine...we have the healthiest country on earth during American Idol! At least Edward Sanchez decided to remain a fan after rejection!

Lesson 4: Never Try Out As A Group

Sometimes friends are no longer friends...even though they promise the best intentions! Heather Rennie, Ashley Cleland, Ebony Jointer were the bff's that promised to support each other, (on rollerskates mind you) but with Heather being left behind, will their friendship remain intact? Let's hope so....Simon can't be right about everything...can he?

Lesson 5: Shake Your Moneymaker?

If you've got it...shake it! But sooooo many just don't have it. For example...Alexander least he seems to be there a circus idol? I have to say...I wanted to give him a little hug...I loved his enthusiasm!

Lesson 6: Clarity

"Name that Song" is a game we seem to play all the time...anybody else bored with that?? It seems if they can't remember, they make it up. More words have been invented during the making of this show. (new noises as well) I think some of the funniest (and most frightening) auditions are the "original compositions" sung by the "artist". Like William Emil Samland, III. I'm sure he was delighted with the new song writing category added this year. (EEK) After hearing him express his heart, I knew he wouldn't win the any way! Sometimes I wish people would just not want to share their feelings so much!

There you have it! Next stop Hollywierd (although I can't imagine it being any wierder than the rest of the USA)! Though the first few weeks were absolute torture at times, I've enjoyed every moment, but it's time to move on! There is a lot of talent to be on the lookout for in the upcoming weeks and of course...I'll be on the edge of my seat for every single moment! See you guys next week for what I'm sure will be the "most dramatic rose ceremony yet".....wait...isn't that another show??;)

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

San Antonio Auditions

San Antonio... the last stop on the Idol Torture Tour. Hallelujah!

With the exception of tomorrow night, which looks like a big roundup of terror and dissonance, all episodes that follow will actually feature singers. What a concept! A singing competition where the people on tv can... SING!

I know I'm ready.

Now with the re-cap of the last torture drill, which even I have to admit, was the least offensive of the 7, is Goldie.

Take it away, Goldie!!

American Idol - San Antonio, TX
by Goldie

We are finally at the end of the road for the city to city auditions.....HALLELUJA!!!! At first, it's exciting and funny.....then it's a little annoying....then finally....AAUUGGGHHHH!!!!! Let's get this show on the road already!!!

After last week's vcr malfunction, I was unable to re-cap the Los Angeles auditions and like you said Carolyn...I was saved from a lot of pain. Of course, glutton for punishment that I am...I had to watch, so my Sunday afternoon found me in front of the tv. Loved the other backup singer, Brandon Rogers...ya know the one who sang "Always On My Mind"....obviously he's still on my mind!!

I don't understand the use of the costumes!! I'm assuming it's supposed to grab the judges attention, but come on.....a cowgirl bull and a banana??? I just hope they didn't give up their job at Steak and Shake....obviously, they were on their least I hope!! (Do you think they quit their job?? and can Simon call and get their jobs back like last season??)

The one who got to me the most?? Sherman Pore!! There have always been moments during American Idol past that have brought tears to my eyes, but none have come close to the "audition" Sherman Pore gave. It was obvious he was over the age limit, but he told the story of how his petition to sing for the judges helped keep his wife's spirits up while she was dying from cancer. Unfortunately, she passed away 2 days before his audition. I could only think of how blessed they were to have each other as he sang "You Belong To Me". With mixture of joy and sadness, I realized, that this is my American Idol. We are now in in search of the runner up. Thanks to the AI people for sharing such a wonderful man with us! (Can anyone else imagine what it must be like to be loved like this??? AWW)

Enough about last's time to visit San Antonio! I wonder how we'll "Remember the Alamo" tonight?? Somehow...I don't think it will be in a good way!

Bryan Kyrish, who won a mock American Idol?? Maybe he should wait for RockStar and Dave Navarro?? (Was he really shorter than Ryan??) I bet jet-lagged Simon was awake after that "Rebel Yell"!!

How adorable was, Haley Scarnato in her "Solid Gold" dancer jumpsuit? I was so happy she had the whole package!!! She totally made me love her!!! Hopefully she'll bring some originality to Hollywood and move forward to the top 24 at least. (I like to see the nice ones go far)

Jasmine Holland is going to spend the rest of her life trying to find a tune....would anyone else hate to have to listen to this in church every weekend??? Anyone else feel like we should pray?? (Maybe it's just me needing forgiveness....I had bad thoughts during her audition) Again....this is a voluntary audition process...why are they so mad when they are told the truth? This is a very cut-throat business and we really don't see how "mean" people can be on television. Have they never seen the show before...and the judges...maybe not the most talented people, but obviously very successful. And do they have a school where they live??? "He should go back to British??" UMMMMM........

Baylie Brown....loved her!! I can see her much later in her career...she has a little work to do, but she deserves a shot! The female version of 1/3 of last season's "Brokenote Cowboys". Anyone else remember Garrett?

It's not just me....THERE REALLY IS A DOOR PROBLEM!!! Sorry....I drifted a moment!

Cousins, Akron Watson and William Green, could only talk about their family's "Amazing Grace"....I wish William had stopped there....that was worse than most funerals! I can only hope his cousin is better! (He looks like a great friend....anybody want to hang out?) I think Akron really believed his "enraged exit"! Akron turned out to be the better singer....maybe we'll at least get to see William in Hollywood supporting Akron!! (I have a feeling we will) I like them both...I'm going with Simon on the first song....if he had his cousin's personality and his voice....WOW! (Second song was much better)

LaRissa Curry, Deborah Tyler were just 2 of the nightmares I will have for the rest of my life so when music teacher, Sandie Chavez, assured us all that she was good enough to sing for the mayor of Houston, I just knew we were in for a treat. How drunk was he or where was he being held prisoner....must have been an election year and his reaction would be the deciding factor! It's funny.....I cried as much as Sandie did!

Ashlyn Carr was beaten up in school for her vocal ability....she was ok...kind of Anita Bakerish....good voice.....could not understand a word she said ...a bit of a mush mouth...what was with the faces?? I think I would have taken her over some of the past auditioners. This is a first....the judges asked for her to come back in....she's through!!! I hope she can break some habits!

Remember bush baby Kenneth Briggs from the Seattle auditions??? I think we just saw his brother!! Jake "the snake" Tutor tormented me with his song.....he seemed a little upset! Did anyone else notice??? Maybe he was in that dark bedroom too long!

Jimmy McNeal or rather Ruben's mini-me sang "Cupid"......OMW>>>>>LOVED HIM!!!! He can sing to me for the rest of my life!! How about that smile?? I think his little sister said it best at the wrap up of the audition...when he yelled "I'm going to Hollywood" she came out lol So..... tomorrow night ....since we haven't seen enough of the bad we get to see more of the worst of the worst....YAY! (They also said the best of the best...we may get to see 2 good people tomorrow night....but don't hold your breath!!)

Until then!!

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Go Google Yourself

Someone's been googling themself... a lot. Actually, quite a few someones. While I don't have actual proof, it just goes to figure, since they aren't exactly household names yet - especially the ones who didn't get a golden ticket.

So, to the American Idol hopefuls, thanks for dropping in, and thanks for bringing our blog to the top of a few of your search pages. You know who you are. I'm not gonna bust you.

Hope you enjoy the blog. ;)

Perchance to dream

If you've ever doubted the sincerity of some of the idol hopefuls, here's a blurb I pulled from one of their blogs. This young man seemed quite willing to risk his full tuition scholarship to university for a shot at AI.

WOW So...AI auditions are gonna interfere w/ it smart or selfish for me to risk my full tuition scholarship to take a chance @ my dream?
If I can raise at least $500 within the next two weeks I'll be able to fly out to San Fransisco and audition there and not have to worry about interfering with school. If I can't, then I'll go to Chicago and miss a week of college. That means that I'll also put my full tuition on the line...if I get my full tuition taken away and I don't make it anywhere then I'll have lost double...To what extent would you go to try and further your dream career?

How would you have advised this young man?

Friday, February 02, 2007

Hudson Abuse

Not all that glitters is gold. Former idol favorite and current Golden Globe winner and Oscar nominee, Jennifer Hudson, remembers idol as an abusive experience. Be that as it may, it's what got her noticed. No Idol=No Audition for Dreamgirls.

AP, Feb 1, 2007

Jennifer Hudson blasts American Idol as 'abusive'

American Idol star Jennifer Hudson has blasted the TV talent show as “abusive”.

The Dreamgirls actress says although her experience on its 2002 season left her emotionally battered, it only made her more focused on being a singing success.

"On American Idol, you go through this mental thing; you've got to get yourself back together. You've been abused, misled and brainwashed to believe whatever they want you to think,” Hudson explains.

"You become a character - I became the girl in the turkey wrapping. I just knew I had to sing my way out of it. I don't believe in looking back, and I didn't look back."

Oscar-nominee Hudson will perform Love You I Do at the Academy Awards later this month. The track is nominated for the Best Song award.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Love Punk'd

As it turns out, seems Courtney Love's been punked... by a Nigel impersonator. Nigel is denying ever having spoken to her for any reason, replacing Paula, guesting, the time of day, etc.

Breathe easy Paula fans. She's not going anywhere.