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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

American Idol Final Prediction

According to dialidol, which has been anything but accurate this season, it would seem we have a winner... and by a reasonably large margin:

DialIdol final prediction report.
7:30am EST, 5/23/07
With all voting
in all time zones completed.

At one point last night, dialidol had the differential at closer to 30 points higher for Jordin, so the BlakerGirls definitely made some inroads as the evening progressed, and as the west coast took over the voting.

I wouldn't skip watching the results show tonight, though, if for nothing less than to hear how they deal with this, and of course the pomp, the ceremony, the event that has become the American Idol Finale. I'm guessing we'll hear a lot about how incredibly close the vote was. Uh huh. And who knows, this could be yet another incorrect prediction from dialidol... after all, they had Melinda in the top spot last week.

What I'm really hoping for is a repeat of last year, when every hot musical act on the planet seemed to grace the stage... including TAFKAP aka Prince and Beyonce, which was the biggest coup ever. We shall see. Perhaps even her royal Kelly-ness will deign to perform this year. Lol.. I still can't forget her glaring absence last year.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

ohhhhhhhhh is that right. Please tell me they are correct on that. I don't want to have another Taylor on my

12:18 PM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

poor taylor. everyone's pickin' on him today.
every poll i've been able to find has jordin winning by a pretty wide margin.

12:22 PM  

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