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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

American Idol Final 2: Jordin Sparks v. Blake Lewis

You have 4 hours to vote tonight. Make em count!!

And now, the moment we've all been waiting for...

Phone 1-866-436-57_ _ or Text the word "Vote" to 57_ _ ,

Text for Blake: "Vote" to 5701

Text for Jordin: "Vote" to 5702

Round 1 - With the toss of a coin that Blake wins, then politely offers the choice to Jordin, who declines to go first, Blake kicks off the night:

01 & 03 & 05 BLAKE LEWIS "You Give Love a Bad Name"

  • RANDY: (standing ovation over Randy) I'll give you a 10 out of 10 on the beat boxing. The singing for me was just alright.

  • PAULA: I think you outdid yourself. I wish I could give you more than a 10.

  • SIMON: You're not the best singer, but you are the best performer. I thought the performance was great, the energy amazing, but the singing was flat. I don't think it matters though. It was your best performance.

  • CAROLYN: Nicely Done, Blake!! Way to amp it up! He definitely improved his performance of this song over the first time he did it.

02 & 04 & 06 Jordin Sparks: "Fighter"

  • RANDY: You were stellar. You were brilliant. Sounded amazing.

  • PAULA: Stellar. Awesome.

  • SIMON: Great that you chose a younger song. Thought the vocals were a bit shrieky in the middle. I'm gonna call round one to Blake.

  • CAROLYN: Simon, I respectfully disagree. TKO. Jordin takes round one. As you're so fond of saying, Simon dear, "This is a singing competition." That was the WOW I was hoping for!

Phone 1-866-436-57_ _ or Text the word "Vote" to 57_ _

Round 2


  • RANDY: Great song, and a very pure vocal. Very nice.

  • PAULA: You really got into the ease of the song, and you sounded great.

  • SIMON: It was good, it was safe, and it wasn't as good as the first performance.

  • CAROLYN: I enjoyed it, but I agree with Simon on this one. It just wasn't as good as the first performance.


  • RANDY: I've loved you since day one. That was flawless. Better than the original.

  • PAULA: You are in great, great vocal voice tonight.

  • SIMON: Now that was good.

  • CAROLYN: Another wow for me. Big wow. That was perfection. I have to agree with Randy, "better than the original." So far, Jordin's 2 for 2 with me. I'll give bonus points for whoever wins the final song.

Phone 1-866-436-57_ _ or Text the word "Vote" to 57_ _

Round 3 - :

01 & 03 & 05 BLAKE LEWIS "This is My Now" (from the song contest)

  • RANDY: I'm sure this is not the kind of song that really suits your voice. It wasn't great. It was alright.

  • PAULA: You were in great voice. I loved it.

  • SIMON: I think it was all a little off, to be honest with you Blake. You looked a bit frustrated. I think we have to judge you tonight primarily on your first 2 performances.

  • CAROLYN: Love the lyrics... Perfect for an Idol Finale. I enjoyed his performance of it, but I think the song really needs a bigger voice. We'll see for sure if Jordin does it too and it suits her voice more.

02 & 04 & 06 JORDIN SPARKS: "This is my Now"

  • RANDY: You were the best singer tonight. You deserve it all!

  • PAULA: You're an angel. You really are.

  • SIMON: Last week, I didn't think you were good enough to make the finals. I want to say to you publically now, I was wrong. In case we forget, this is a singing competition, and you just wiped the floor with Blake on that one.

  • CAROLYN: Vive la difference! Jordin's performance was perfection. As if the song was written specifically for her. Just beautiful. Vocal and Performance! Pardon me, I've got some voting to do! Gooooo Jordin!


Blogger Chad Oneil said...

Another great night.

I'm torn. But, my votes will go to Jordin. I'm going to wait a few hours (I've got 4) until I try, because I know it will be difficult to get through right now.

The new song is really a Jordin Sparks type song.

Blake rocked out tonight though. I'm glad he's in this final two and will get a record deal no matter what. I'm also glad he chose to do "you give love a bad name" for his "past" song. That's the song that really put him on the radar for me. He's been very entertaining each week since. That's what made him "the last man standing".

They're right when they said it's the "singer vs. the performer" this year.

I've enjoyed both of them.

6:27 PM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Hey Chad :) Nice to see you back again. I agree. They both had a very good night tonight, but for me, Jordin was just that extra step above. She's got my votes.
8 so far... rough going tonight!

6:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Carolyn!

JORDIN was da BOMB! she blew Blake out of the water! She was flawless tonite! The idol song was fit for her. I still wish that Melinda was in the top 2..but I know she will get a contract...and I will look for her Jordin's now!

6:59 PM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Debi? Candy? Who goes there???

7:02 PM  
Blogger Chad Oneil said...

Well, the phone lines have been open for me for almost 2-1/2 hours now and I haven't been able to get through yet. So, I gave Jordin 10 "text" votes and am calling it a night.

8:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can someone just give Jordin the title now! I mean come on he is no match for her in the singing deparment. That last song dam Sanjaya could have done

8:25 PM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Chad!!! Noooo!! DOn't give up now! I've gotten through sooo easily for the past 20 minutes! Give it another shot.

8:26 PM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

ok, anonymous... i know i love you.. i just wish i knew who you were!

8:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I gave up when Melinda went home :(. She walked with her dignity and pride but I lost mine!!! I am in California so it is just starting now. I don't think I am even going to vote. Who cares who wins? The best singer has already left. :(


8:48 PM  
Blogger Chad Oneil said...

...Ok, I tried a little bit longer and finally was able to sqeeze in 40 phone votes in between busy tones. It is now midnight here in Florida.

Go Jordin and good night.

9:03 PM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Way to pull through, Chad! :)

btw, I'm in Florida too. ;)

You have 60 more minutes to vote, young man!

9:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wanna know why Blake Lewis should win..........

well besides the obvious reasons- he's from Seattle, he's the most musically talented Idol ever and stuff like that.

here's why.

That fucking song they had to sing at the end that those Capital Hill fucking Seattle queers wrote. come on of course Jordan gonna do better with that. Ban those fucking cockfags from returning to Seattle. And second, she fucking started crying. god damn simpathy card. horse shit. Oh yeah, And fuck you Simon and especially the Dog. sweet coat Randy. looks like he got it from Princes wardrobe.

Oh well. i'm voting till i can't vote anymore and for Blake of course. Cause i perdicted him winning it all the day he told me he tried out. You killed it, Son! Seattles proud no matter what.


9:11 PM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

dude... lose the bigotry, lose the anger, and learn to spell.

everyone else - i debated putting this up because of the nastiness of it. if you'd rather i pull it down as too offensive, say the word and it goes.

9:13 PM  

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