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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A few thoughts

Well, now we know why Simon was such a sourpuss all night.
Even moreso than usual.
Odds on he knew the results.
And knowing,
still had to sit there the whole hour,
faced with impending doom,
so to speak.


The cutaway to Blake's mother was priceless.
Even she looked like she couldn't believe it.

Me neither.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why is everyone having a hard time believing that Blake made the finale?!?! Do they not realize that he has brought AI to another level that no one would ever think that a singing "reality" show would come to??? I do believe that Melinda and Jordin are by the far the better vocals but Blake is by far the total package... Who will really sell more tickets to concerts? Think about this people. Melinda had a AMAZING voice (although the Whitney Houston song last night was HORRENDOUS in my opinion because it sounded nothing like it)but she was NOT an entertainer. I'm very excited that it's Blake and Jordin as the final 2 because I wouldn't of watched it next week if I knew there wasn't going to be any entertainment. However I DON'T want Blake to win because I DON'T want him in the god awful contract that AI has them sign. It's a death sentence and he will not be able to do the album that he wants. As someone that has seen him perform live, it would not be the same without all his own imput!

8:56 PM  
Blogger Chad Oneil said...

I think Jordin is the total package.

At the same time though, Blake definitely has game.

It is going to be a great final to watch.

9:11 PM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

dear anonymous,
haven't the final 2 both gotten the contract for the last several years? since clay and ruben? I do believe your boy's stuck, win or lose.
Melinda, however, is free to be at the center of a bidding war starting tomorrow morning.

9:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If that is true the that sucks for him. I wouldn't know because I was never an regular watcher till this season because I never saw anybody that has really caught my attention until Blake. Like I said though I've seen him perform on a few occasions up here in Seattle and if everyone could see that and see what he really likes to do I think you'd be shocked and pleasantly surprised. He will stand his ground I believe with AI if he does have to sign a contract because I don't see him giving in.

9:40 PM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

for the record, i don't dislike any of the top 3... i just wanted my girl Melinda in the final.

9:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

amen Carolyn! I wanted my girl Melinda to win too! Blake is not bad...he is really a good entertainer..however...vocals is what AI is all about. Melinda has been constant, flawless and AMAZING everytime she would sing. She may didn't move around the stage, and be bop like Blake, but she has a grace all her own! She has a spirit of being herself! I love Melinda..and you are right...Melinda girl will be able to get a contract anywhere! I will be the first in line to buy her album.

Thanks Carolyn for this wonderful blog!

Candy aka Kandra :-)

4:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The only thing about Blake is he always has to beat box in every song. It got real annoying! I am a Melinda fan and was from the very beginning. But I now want Jordin to win.

8:45 AM  

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